The black list of public transport cross-border challenges – Connect2CE: ongoing developments of cross-border PT supply in South Tyrol. Findings from the 2nd stakeholder workshop

Working in one country and living in another is a particular way of life, but not so anymore. The economic attractiveness of some destinations and the growing openness of frontiers encourage this practice, as European statistics confirm: in 2000 there were ca 500,000 cross-border commuters, in 2006 they grew up to 800,000 and now they […]

Across the Alps – Cross-border public transport as driver to promote a unified regional Alpine network

For the last ten years, Alpine tourism has been living a constant increase: in 2016, over 150 Mio visitors were reached [1], an impressive number compared e.g. to 25 Mio arriving yearly in Venice. Alpine tourism may be defined as a spatially and temporally concentrated phenomenon: 5% of all Alpine municipalities offer 46% of all […]

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